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We offer high-quality legal representation in the field of employment law. Our team of lawyers together share years of collective knowledge and experience of defending individuals. Our employment law lawyers assist workers to fight against the wrongful acts of their employers.

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If you have been terminated from your work, then do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our employment lawyers review every case.

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We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of employees. Moreover, workplace fairness is our passion.

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Employment Lawyer Los Angeles CA are a law firm committed to protecting the legal rights of every employee. We strive to protect the legal rights of employees through class and individual actions to make sure that the labor is compensated fairly, that workers aren’t terminated unjustly due to race, disability, gender, or pregnancy, and that the workplaces are secure and free of harassment, discrimination, or other kinds of exploitation. If the employer has failed to pay your wages, discriminated against you, failed to offer you with medical leaves, stroked back against you for using rights you’ve under the laws, or if any employer or employee has wrongly terminated or harassed you from your work, then you’re entitled to justice. Call our Employment Lawyer Los Angeles CA for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION initial consultation. You’ve RIGHTS and our Los Angeles Employment Lawyer will fight for you to get those rights.


Los Angeles Employment Attorney are skilled and experienced at handling the cases against employers including:

– Discriminations based on your Mental or Physical disability, Pregnancy, Race, Gender, Medical Conditions, Age or Sexual Orientation

– Wrongful terminations based on your Mental or Physical disability, Pregnancy, Race, Gender, Medical Conditions, Age or Sexual Orientation

– Sexual harassment at workplace, or harassment that is based on your Race, Disability, Age or Sexual Orientation

– Revenge against you for using your rights or filing complaint about harassment or discrimination at work Failure to offer absence leaves, including leave to look after the family members, medical leaves, leaves to use constitutional rights, etc

– Non-payment of your overtime wages that you’re owed, failure to reimburse you for working unfairly long hours in the week or a day, or denial of rest breaks or meal

– Failure to offer work tools, equipments or clothing, failure to reimburse you for utilizing your personal phones for work purpose, or failure to reimburse you for taking very long drives for the work purpose using your money

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If you’ve suffered maltreatment at your work, then call our Employment Attorney Los Angeles CA. We will fight aggressively for your legal rights. We’ve recovered lots of dollars for the employees in action against employers for violation of law. We also progress all the expenses on your behalf. Contact Los Angeles Employment Attorney now by phone or make use of our contact form online for a free consultation. We will handle your case personally, and everything will surely be kept fully confidential. If there’s no recovery, then our Employment Attorney Los Angeles CA won’t charge any fees.


Our Los Angeles Employment Attorney aim is to reach successful ending of our client claim as competently as probable with best results. We’ve been litigating the employment law and even fighting for workers justice in Los Angeles for more than a decade. Employment Attorney Los Angeles CA are well equipped to follow your case from the starting to the end and get the best possible result. Don’t hesitate to call Los Angeles Employment Lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation. Call Employment Attorney Los Angeles right away. We advance all expenses. No recovery, no fees.

Employers Break Laws Routinely- For Many Reasons

The laws have been made to protect you. But employers break them. Why? Because they know that average people aren’t aware of their rights and don’t have solid legal representation. Don’t be afraid, however. Contact Us and Be Heard.


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