Practice Areas

Employment Law Practice Areas

We practice employment law solely. We focus all our attention on the legal ramification of the employee-employer relationships to make you confident that your case is in the best hands. We fight aggressively on behalf of the employees who have the great courage to fight against fraud and other bad employer actions. We have dedicated our whole practice to representing employees only and not employers.

Always Responsive

We know what you’re actually going through and pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed from beginning to end. In case, we can’t answer your email, text or call, you can expect to hear within 24 hours from us.

Years of Experience

We have been practicing employment law for years. We have spent many years representing employees and we use our inside knowledge to get the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Passionate About Employees Rights

We help people facing work problems. We have dedicated our professional lives to the employment law as we wholeheartedly think that nobody has to deal with mistreatment at the workplace.

Practice Areas

We are a leading employment law firm that concentrates on employment discrimination and employment litigation. We represent State, Federal, Municipal and County employees, small businesses and private employees. What sets our employment lawyers team apart is our great experience and constant practice of employment law. We have the insights to foresee the tactics and claims from your opponents and can thus build your employment case to withstand the arguments against you. Another unique feature of our firm and our lawyers is that every client has access directly to our partner lawyer who handles their case personally. Our Employment Lawyer have lots of information, skills and resources dealing with employment contracts, agreements, work situations or disputes — information which anyone lacks.


Successful Results


Referrals From Precious Clients


Outstanding Representation


On-Time Success

We represent clients in employment cases arising under federal, state and local antidiscrimination laws both in the federal and state courts. Our specific practice areas include:

– Employment and Labor Law
– Sexual Harassment
– Employment Arbitration and Mediation
– Religious and Race Discrimination
– Hostile work environment
– Pregnancy discrimination
– Gender discrimination
– Age Discrimination
– Compensation discrimination
– Sexual orientation discrimination
– People with disability act claim
– Employment contacts
– Unemployment compensation
– Medical and family leave act claim
– Whistleblower retaliation
– Wrongful termination
– Gender identity discrimination
– Executive compensation
– Non-compete agreements
– Severance agreements