About Us

Who We Are?

At our law firm, our employment lawyers have the experience and resources companies fear in trial and litigation. Our attorneys ensure that our clients obtain all the wages they are actually owned when the companies violate employment laws.

Free Legal Advice To Every Client

Power And Resources To Fight Against Injustice

No Win, No Fee, No Financial Burden

Confidential Advice On Every Case

Proven And Successful Track Record Of Success

About Us

In the present employment climate, the employees need assistance protecting their legal rights. With years of experience in advocating for employees, we have earned a great reputation and respect of our clients.

Identified as a well known employment law firm, we provide knowledgeable representation to the clients who are subjected to hostile work environment, sexual harassment, discrimination because of religion, race, age, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or gender, or who have faced wrongful or retaliatory termination. We have the resources and experience to represent the employees in disputes in their jobs.

Loyalty With Clients

All communications that occur with our lawyers remain confidential as we want to be fully loyal to all of our clients.

Guaranteed Results

We are well-known to have obtained millions of dollars in awards and settlements for our clients who were victims of employment law.

Great Power

Our employment attorneys work state-wide so that we can help the employees whenever they need.

Contingency Fees

Our lawyers accept cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to pay us until we win on your behalf.

We are also skilled in all the matters related to employment contracts, like severance agreements, non-compete agreements and executive compensation contracts. We bring the complete force of our extensive knowledge and experience to bear to assist our executive clients decide their objectives and negotiate good compensation packages. Our Employment Lawyer have successfully negotiated verdicts and settlements and litigated against nearly all the large management law firms, whose clients included lots of Fortune 500 corporations.

Our commitment to protecting the legal rights of employees translates into personal, close attention to all of our clients. Whether you’re a mid-level manager, senior executive, or perform blue collar or clerical work, we will personally handle your case and ensure that you are well informed about all your available options. It is our goal to get the best results possible for our clients.